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Welcome to Christian Reviewer

Christian Reviewer is your online headquarters for learning more about God and Christianity. Our team considers this website to be a small but intentional part of the Great Commission. We hope to further those goals by helping people grow closer to God, familiarize themselves with Christianity, and become ambassadors of heaven who guide others to Jesus, the Christ.

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What We Do

Christian Reviewer provides dependable information about spiritual subjects from reputable experts. We accomplish this mission for every subject on our website. Our strategy for success incorporates two parallel approaches: Reliable Information and Book Recommendations.

These two approaches function as pillars of content for our website.

The information published by Christian Reviewer is reliable and corresponds to conventional beliefs within Christianity. We do not circulate any fringe theories, unsupported ideas, baseless claims, or heretical beliefs about God. As our guest and respected reader, you can rest assured that everything on our website was meticulously crafted and responsibly worded by a group of educated Christians to accurately represent and communicate truthfulness to the best of our capabilities.

All of the books recommended by Christian Reviewer were written by a subject-matter expert, and each author is a well-respected authority in their field. Additionally, every one of our book suggestions come with a helpful review of its contents, an analysis of its readability, and an easy summary of how it applies to the subject in question. If you’re looking for a precise explanation of a particular topic, every book that we recommend was written by a reputable expert in that specific subject.

Who We Are

Christian Reviewer was designed to be a digital discipleship tool and a library of information by a team of believers who love Jesus Christ. We designed it to be a source of knowledge for likeminded Christians but also an intriguing labyrinth of information for spiritually curious people.

You can confidently trust the information that you read on our website.

That’s because the people responsible for content creation on Christian Reviewer are knowledgeable pastor-scholars. Each of them holds at least one degree in a theological field of study or a ministerial practice, and most of them have earned more than one degree. Our team has a genuine passion for learning about everything related to God and Christianity. However, we aren’t revealing this from a position of pride. We have a specific goal in mind, and actually, our goal involves you too.

Christian Reviewer affirms that knowledge is powerful and also helpful for shaping our spirituality. Our goal incorporates both aspects. We desire to furnish our readers with a library of knowledge that has the potential to turn them into powerful Christians who are able, willing, and ready to spiritually shape the world and the people in it – you included.

Therefore, only one question remains: Will you help us shape the world?

How We Help

Christian Reviewer helps guide your spiritual journey with God in three unique ways. Firstly, we facilitate avenues for you to learn more about significant spiritual subjects. Secondly, we present three exceptional book recommendations for every subject you encounter. Thirdly, we classify each book by its level of difficulty to read. As a result of these endeavors, Christian Reviewer produced the following features to help you journey well: Learn More Buttons, Top Recommendations, and Book Reading Levels.

Learn More Buttons

The “Learn More” button is an intuitive way for you to navigate the network of information contained throughout Christian Reviewer. As you browse our website, there’s a good chance that you will encounter these buttons in the subsections of our webpages. Clicking one of them will expand the subsection by bringing you to another webpage which will help you learn more about that specific subject.

Top Recommendations

Our team of experts select three book recommendations for every subject listed on Christian Reviewer. It’s challenging enough to narrow down the selection to only three, but we go the extra mile by crowning one of them as our top pick. So, if you’re having difficulty choosing the right book for you, “The #1 Pick” will never be a bad choice and always reflects our top recommendation for that subject.

Book Reading Levels

Reading Level


We recognize that there are different types of readers with varying levels of interests who will be visiting Christian Reviewer. We’re partial to scholarly books, but we also realize that academic footnotes and verbose vocabularies don’t appeal to everybody. That’s why we’ve organized each of our book recommendations into one of these “reading level” categories: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.